Charcoal Storage

Seal the bag

Greencoal charcoal is a natural product, so any humidity in the air will be absorbed via the charcoal. However, if the bag is torn or left open for long periods of time, the water will evaporate (depending on the elements of nature). This prevents the charcoal from lighting properly when saturated due to atmospheric humidity. So to keep them fresh and easy to light, roll the top of the bag to seal it tightly, and store in a well-ventilated, cool, dry place away from heat sources and open flames.

Avoid contact with water

Greencoal charcoal and water are not friends. Leaving Greencoal charcoal out in the rain or even leaving it outside and exposed to fog, high humidity or dew means the eco-charcoal will not light efficiently. To avoid this, always store your charcoal product in a cool, dry place. Just grab the bag and bring it back into the garage with you, or roll the top of the bag shut and place it in an empty trash can or storage bin—with the lid on to protect it from the elements.


Charcoal Storage

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